Olivehurst, California

We were not notified of the problems Open Range was having. We had to get another carrier on short notice, we had no specific date when service would be discontinued. We received a letter stating that possibly service would be discontinued on November 9, 2011. No specific date!!!

Calvert Lee


We got into Open Range through TV advertisement, there was no face to face interaction with anyone. I feel as if we were taken advantage of. This is no way to run a business. We started with this company in August, and now we have to cancel a credit card before we are charged another month.

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Ding Openrange rob us hardworking people in broad day light. I got my openrange internet and phone services in late July 2011 and I have all kind of problems with their service. I have to called customer care most of the time for help. All they did was telling me to reset the modem and unplug the power from the outlet and re plug it in again. Sometime work and sometime it wasn't working. Than this day has come...until November 15, 2011. My modem was not gave me any connection to the internet at all. I called customer care and they told me to move my modem to a different location to get a better signal. I told the girl on the other end that this was the best location because I have the local customer care came to helped me out and he putted there. All she said you need to find a better location for it. When you finish that than call me back.

I tried to moved it around all day and still no service. Next day November 17, 2011, I called the customer care line again and their phone line was busy all day and I wasn't able to hold of openrange. Another day goes by and still no service. I tried to called it on the 18th of November again. This time I got a recorded message that I need to contact different internet and phone provided. I have to go to a relatives' computer and search on the internet and it sure was openrange is filed for bankruptcy. I was so angry why did the girl I was spoke to couple before the cervices was shot down didn't say anything about the bankruptcy to me. And now they want me to send their modem back to them on cost!!! They didn't even inform us and now they doesn't want to pay for the shipping cost of their equipment back. This OPENRANGE ROBBERY definitely rob us in a broad day light.

Location: Appleton, Wisconsin


I also got left hanging by open range. They shut my service off and now want me to send them back their modem by 12/18 or charge me $120.00.

My thought is that THEY reminated service. I should not have to pay anything out of pocket to return THEIR equipment. I have sent numerous emails asking for pre-paid shipping with no return contact other than intimidating emails and voice mails demanding the immediate return of the modem. I figure a complaint with the BBB is useless now so I have notified the investigative reporters of the Denver media in hopes that they will jump on board to help all the people stick in this boat!

If we all notify our local media maybe they will at least do the right thing and pay for their equipment to be shipped back. It is the least that they could do after taking Millions of dollars of our taxpayer money and throwing it away.

Just a thought. Does anyone know of a phone number for them that will get a human and not a recorded message?


I have no alternative because of where I live..They want me to return box at my own expense or they will charge me..Who the he** is "they"?????


I had no letters or messages that I was losing Open Range. What do I do with the box????

Stockholm, Stockholm, Sweden #382606

I contacted Open Range because of their association with Channel 10. I was very unhappy with the connection with them.

I would constantly 'lose' my internet. They told me that apparently the signal was being interrupted and I would have to relocate my box. I tried several locations and when nothing worked they told me that I would have to diconnect it, wait 10 seconds, reconnect and reboot my computer. This usually worked but this would happen 6-7 times in the course of a couple of hours.

I was out of town the week of 11/6; had the regular issues with the internet the first of the week of 11/13; and then lost everything on 11/17.

I was not aware that OR was shutting down. It would have been 'decent' of them to notify their customers in advance.

I logged on their website from a friend's house and found the message that 'customers needed to find another service provider immediately'. Makes a whole lot of sense to post it on the website when their customers have no service!!!!


Yeah ours were shut off too and they were taking money off my debit card every month I want my refund or they will be getting problems from me. Who Do I contact for my refund on my credit card???

Just a company that took from normal working people.

If anyone can let me know who I can contact. Thank you


They just tapped our account for two months in one day.


They are shutting off all service, to all customers, on 11/7 and will continue to bill you for the month in advance up until that date.

So if your billing date is 11/6, expect to pay for the full upcoming month for service. Then, you the consumer will have to call and try to get a refund for the partial month of service, depending on your billing date.

It is expected that the company and Bk court have appropriated enough funds to provide refunds, but there is a cap - so no guaranty.

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